The Top 25 College Football Games of the 2013 Opening Weekend

My pick in Bold.  

25.  Liberty @ Kent State — Looking forward to seeing Turner Gill in his second year at the helm of the Flames.  Go Flames.

24.  FL-Atlantic @ Miami, FL — Looking Forward to seeing Carl Pelini in his second year at the helm of the Owls.  Go Owls.

23.  Colorado vs Colorado State — season opening rivalries are always nice, even if both teams stink.  Go Rams.

22.  Texas Tech @ SMU

21.  Washington State @ Auburn — Battle of the Big Time Bottom Feeders, the worst of the best.

20.  Kentucky vs Western Kentucky

19.  Miami, OH @ Marshall

18.  Nevada @ UCLA

17.  BYU @ Virginia

16.  Wyoming @ Nebraska — Not that compelling of a game but, its MY Huskers!!

15.  Florida State @ Pittsburgh — Monday Night Football and Welcome to the ACC!!

14.  Ole Miss @ Vanderbilt —  This is a game that could mean bowl eligibility for either one of these teams. 

13.  Utah State @ Utah

12.  N. Carolina @ S. Carolina — The FIRST game of the season.

11. Rutgers @ Fresno State — a pair of 9-4 teams from a year ago both hoping to improve.

10.  N. Illinois @ Iowa — The Huskies were a single point from a 13-0 season.

9.  Ohio @ Louisville — Louisville should be a big favorite, but then again, so was Penn State last year.  Go Bobcats.

8.  Northwestern @ California — The B1G did not fare well against the PAC12 last year.  A B1Ger story line starts here.

7.  Mississippi State vs Oklahoma State — I don’t think it will be that close.

6.  LSU vs TCU — TCU has gotten some preseason hype and sported the Big XII’s best defense last year.  But I think they are pretenders.  Not a lot of scoring here though.

5.  Purdue @ Cincinnati

4.  Alabama vs Virginia Tech

3.  Penn State vs Syracuse

2.  Boise State @ Washington

1.  Georgia @ Clemson — Aaron Murray.  Tahj Boyd. Nuff Said.  Go Dawgs!!


About Jesse Alber

Jesse Alber attained a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Speech Communications with an Athletic Coaching Endorsement from Hastings College in May, 1993. From 1994 - 2000, Alber served in leadership roles in human resources, retail, and production. Alber enlisted in the U.S. Army in 2000. He served as a Armored Cavalry Scout and Troop Training Manager with A 3/7 CAV 3d ID until 2004. Alber deployed to Bosnia in 2001 and Kwait / Iraq in 2003. Alber served in the Army Reserves from 2005 - 2008. From 2004 - 2010 Alber served as the Adult Education Coordinator for Central Community College and Executive Director for the Hastings Literacy Program. Alber returned to Hastings College in 2010 to study Computer Science and Web Design. He is currently emploed as a Programming and Web Development Intern with Servi-Tech Industries. Alber will complete his program of study in the summer of 2012.
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